At K9 & You, we focus on using a balanced approach that shows the dog how fun training can be! When your dog is having a good time, he is more likely to work harder to please you. This often translates into a happy, healthy relationship between owner and dog — as well as an “aiming to please” attitude from your canine companion.

We offer the following classes to both puppies and adult dogs:

  • Dog aggression/leash aggression — Get your dog to play nice with others, as well as stay by your side when on a leash. We teach them to remain calm and look to you for direction, no matter who or what is around.
  • Apartment socialization — If you and your dog live in an apartment, it can take time and effort to ensure your pet is as happy as can be. We teach you and your dog how to handle the space.
  • Group classes — Learn new tricks while socializing with all types of dogs and other owners.
  • Pre-agility training — Prepare your puppy for agility training by passing our pre-agility class. This teaches both you and the dog what to expect.
  • Obedience training — Sit, stay, speak! We work with you and your dog to make commands and training fun for both of you.
  • Engagement-based obedience — We teach dogs that their owners are much more exciting and rewarding than the environment around them. This helps with obedience and training.

Reach out now to learn more about any of our classes and to register. We’ll see you and your dog in class.