Watching an experienced agility team is a thrilling, exciting experience. How do those dogs and handlers work so well together? Can your dog learn those cues and verbal commands without hesitation? The answer is, absolutely. When taught properly, agility training can be quite simple. However, these dogs need a strong foundation of obedience training and pre-agility training. While agility can be fun, it’s often hard for puppies at first. Some obstacles can take months to master.

At K9 & You, we take a caring and exciting approach to agility training preparation. Many agility facilities require a pre-agility training course to ensure the dogs are familiar with the obstacles and movements. Your dog will learn common agility skills, including:

  • Ladder
  • Target
  • Backward and forward
  • Leg weaves
  • Jump dance
  • Spin
  • Turn
  • Closer

Be sure to dress comfortably for class and bring tasty, high-reward treats for your dog. Beef, chicken, and cheese are great options. Each piece should be no bigger than your fingernail.

Once you complete this course successfully, you are ready to progress to further agility and obstacle training. If you would like to learn more about the pre-agility curriculum, pricing, and schedule, please contact K9 & You today. We look forward to teaching you and your dog about the exciting world of agility.