Agility training for dogs is a wildly popular sport for a variety of reasons. If you get your dog involved with agility, then you can look forward to them building confidence, developing self-control, exhibiting off-leash control, and enjoying better communication with you. At K9 and You in Houston, we offer our pre-agility training classes to give you and your pooch the opportunity to explore this fun activity and see if it’s right for you.

Easy to Learn

If you’ve ever observed an agility competition, then you might be wondering why we would say that it’s easy to learn. The truth is that as your dog begins to understand your cues and verbal commands, then agility can be quite simple for them to learn if properly taught. We utilize a caring and exciting approach when training dogs some of the basic skills they will need to progress to an agility training class.

Basic Foundation

Many training facilities for dog agility will require a pre-agility training class to ensure that the dogs are familiar with the fundamental movements and obstacles of this sport. If agility competitions are something that you would like to participate in, then it’s important to start your dog off on the right paw — the pre-agility training course at K9 and You!

Make sure that you come to class in comfortable clothes and have plenty of tasty, high-reward treats for your dog. Contact K9 and You today!

Once you complete this course successfully, you are ready to progress to further agility and obstacle training. If you would like to learn more about the pre-agility curriculum, pricing, and schedule, please contact K9 & You today. We look forward to teaching you and your dog about the exciting world of agility.