Whether you are bringing a dog into your home for the first time or you’ve owned dogs throughout your life, it’s always a good idea to register for an obedience class. No two dogs are alike, which means that there is almost always something new to learn. Additionally, it’s important for your dog to learn how to pay attention to you and obey your commands. At K9 and You, we structure our classes so that obedience training helps to strengthen your bond with your dog. 

Listening Skills

If you’ve ever been to a dog park or walked by a group of dogs, then you’ve probably observed that they are much more interested in what the other dogs are doing rather than what their owner might be saying. It’s important for your dog to hear your voice and immediately respond to it so that you can ensure their safety. At K9 and You in Houston, we work with you to teach proper listening and recall skills so that your dog learns to stay close to you and is excited to be near you.


It’s important that your dog has the opportunity to learn some basic obedience skills you can use when they are around other dogs, which is why we offer group obedience classes. Group classes help dogs learn proper social skills with other dogs, as well as give them the opportunity to practice choosing to listen to their owner over playing with other dogs. Proper interaction with other dogs is critical to everyone having a good time when you’re out and about.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

Believe it or not, training is hard work for you dog! The mental stimulation and physical activity involved with learning one or two new commands is quite a lot for any dog. They are likely to be tired and ready for a nap at the end of class. Remember to continue practicing their obedience skills between classes so that they learn these behaviors are expected everywhere. An added bonus to all of your practice is that your dog will be excited about training due to their engagement with you and the treats and praise they receive!

When you’re ready to sign up for dog obedience classes, we are ready to help. Contact K9 and You in Houston for information on our class schedules and more. We look forward to helping you and your dog build a rewarding relationship for life!