The most important part of teaching a dog obedience is teaching them engagement. If they aren’t paying attention to us, there is no way we can expect them to know what to do. At K9 & You, we teach dogs that paying attention to their humans is rewarding. Engaged dogs know that praise, toys, and treats are much more exciting than anything happening around them.

We teach engagement to the dogs in our classes by doing the following:

  • Hand feeding — When your hand is providing the reward, it makes sense to pay attention. This works well for dogs who come for their treat and then immediately walk away. We give rapid rewards to keep their attention.
  • Tricks — Tricks teach your dog how the reward system works, as well as how to communicate effectively with you.
  • Eye contact — Your dog will learn to focus on you and remain 100 percent at attention. This is the first step to more advanced training.
  • Games — We teach you some fun games to play with your dog to ensure their focus stays with you.

Dogs who have practiced engagement with their owners are much easier to train, bond more easily with their owners, and can handle distractions without hesitation. Choose K9 & You to learn more about our engagement-based obedience courses and how they can help you and your dog connect.