Dogs exhibit aggression for a number of different reasons, and sometimes they don’t develop aggressive behavior until several years later. No matter the reason for their aggression, it is crucial to eliminate it for the safety of both of you. K9 and You in Houston offers the behavioral classes that you need to help your dog get rid of their negative reactions.

Dog Aggression

There are numerous reasons that dogs show aggression. Whether your dog is aggressive toward other dogs or people, it can be overwhelming to know what to do in the moment. Your dog might be aggressive due to past experiences, health issues, or territorial issues. When you are ready to seek help from a professional dog trainer, we have the constructive solutions that will help alleviate your dog’s negative behavior.

Leash Aggression

Some dogs show no signs of aggression until they are placed on a leash. Usually, this type of aggression does not pose a danger, as the owner is able to use the leash to prevent them from doing anything. It can be embarrassing, however, which is where we can help. Classes that focus on socialization for dogs provide the training they need to learn how to make friends with other dogs and relieve any frustration they may have.

At K9 and You in Houston, we want to help you feel comfortable and confident when you are out in public with your dog. Contact us today to learn how our socialization classes can help alleviate any aggression issues that your dog may have.