Living in an apartment with your dog can be a challenge many dog owners are not quite sure how to take on at first. We are here to help. With K9 & You, we prepare you to teach your dog to live confidently and comfortably in an apartment.

We teach your pup to confidently handle:

  • Neighbors — Your neighbors will definitely pass by your door, especially if you live near the lobby or an elevator. Your dog will learn not to bark when people walk by and what to do when someone knocks or rings the doorbell.
  • Furry neighbors — Even if your dog doesn’t bark at passing humans, he may still be vocal about other passing dogs. Or, these dogs may make your dog anxious with the wide range of smells. We can help to reduce the anxiety and fear that often comes with so many things happening in a small area.
  • Potty training — Toilet training a dog in an apartment can be challenging since there is no backyard access or doggy door. We help you designate a space for your dog to safely eliminate.
  • Crate training — We will work on training your dog to enter the crate willingly once the crate door is opened.

Live comfortably in your apartment with your dog. With proper exercise, nutrition, and mental stimulation, many dogs live happily in apartments. We can help. Reach out to K9 & You to learn more about our apartment socialization classes, as well as our schedule. We look forward to helping you live in your apartment without worry for your furry friend.